Kia Stonic vs SEAT Arona vs Renault Captur 2019 – See which is the best small SUV

When it comes to small SUVs, there’s no denying that we’re spoiled for choice, with nearly every manufacturer having at least one… .

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  1. The Captur is outdated for me. The Stonic is overstyled on the outside so for me is the Arona takes the crown.

  2. Today we booked Arona FR for my wife and I must say it is an excellent car based on test drive and quite a stiff comparison between Kamiq/i20/i30. The kit is excellent with FR model having almost everything that you need even without any significant additions 21.6k€ with very lucrative financing by VW. This is my second seat this year after Tarraco eHybrid it is a big achievement considering I am in den of Skoda and wife gets 12% corporate discount on skoda Kamiq

  3. so, my dad has had a kia pride glxi since he bought it new in 1995. regular maintenance, no mechanical issues. except for the clutch, but that's entirely my fault. and kia has improved it's cars since then, so, i see no reason why not to continue with the kia.

    oh, and so everyone knows, in the review, the renault has less headroom than the kia and with the seats moved forward a lot less legroom.

  4. Well, I was choosing between Seat Arona, Skoda Kamiq, Renault Captur, Kia Stonic and Volkswagen T-Roc. To be honest – Skoda Kamiq has those weird headlights, I didn't like the inside either. VW T-Roc is a bit ugly and overpriced in my opinion. Kia Stonic – well, there's word "Kia" in it, not a reliable brand and doesn't have good options either. Renault Captur was dropped from the list immediately – childish bubbly interior (front panel and infotainment system) and I hate the speedometer design too, outside looked mediocre, but come on – it's a Renault, how crazy You'd have to be to buy a car with "Renault" logo on it's back?… I got the Seat Arona, clever choice – has a very big adjustable boot, FR model has many things helping You out, fully equipped FR model was cheaper than other rivals (not equipped well), drives smoothly and quietly, cheap to run and service it, great warranty, good acceleration without engine rattling (weird, cause it's 3-cylinder engine). And one more thing – get the "Full LED" packet – worth it, not only it looks better than halogen lights, but they have very good lightning distance too. So, in the end, like in the video, other mini SUVs might be a great option, but Arona just simply outclass them in every single corner (price, practicality, driving, fuel consumption and etc).

  5. Where is the Toyota CHR or Hyundai Kona or ford puma or Peugeot 2008 or Honda hrv or fiat 500x or Jeep Renegade or Citroen C3 aircross or Mitsubishi asx or Vauxhall Crossland X or Nissan Juke or ford ecosport or Vauxhall mokka or ford ka Active or Mazda cx3 or Ford Fiesta Active or Volkswagen T Cross or Volkswagen troc or Kia xceed or Kia niro or Suzuki Vitara or Suzuki ignis or fiat panda 4×4 or mg zs or Mazda cx30 or Subaru XV or Suzuki S cross or Kia Picanto xline or Vauxhall Adam rocks or Toyota Yaris cross or Toyota Corolla Cross or Skoda kamiq or Ford Focus Active or DS Ds3 crossback or Mazda mx30 or ssangyong Tivoli or Audi A1 city carver or something a bit bigger like the Jeep Compass or seat ateca or Renault Kadjar or Nissan qashqai

  6. now wouldn't it be amazing if all cars were doing what renault did with the seats, but instead sliding them forward backwards to create even more room, cause most of the times you aint even carrying that many things in the boot but that way you can always use the boot space to create more passenger space.

  7. There is no c.h in the renault. IT IS CAPTUR which is Cap with Tur or phonetically spoken ture. To pronounce CAPTURE

  8. Seat is the best looking here,inside looks like Audi,KIA have excellent interior and Renault best comfort,best storage place and practicality,also the best ground clearance,and at last best price :0)

  9. If anyone wobbled my car's centre console I'd decline to take them anywhere. ps. Personally, all things being reasonably equal, I'd go for the car with the Seven Year Warranty.

  10. Im never touching any french car anymore, renault, citroen or peugeot! Problem after problem.
    Among these three I would go after Kia, just bcs of the reliabillity, looks and 7yrs warranty


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