Koenigsegg Gemera and Family Hypercar with 1700 Horsepower

LOOK AT THE VEHICLES AND BIDES! https://carsandbids.com Koenigsegg Gemera comment Today I take you very seriously ….

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  1. Now I know normally people don't take their hyper cars out in the rain but I'm curious to know how those side view cameras would function if you were to get caught in the rain.

  2. Dear Doug! 9:40 Nice Death Star Camera! 🙂 CONGRATULATION to KOENIGSEGG for Gemera, what the BEST HYPERCAR ever with 4 seats! I wanna a blue one with gift four Koenigsegg bags! 🙂 The Bugatti Galibier will be same fantastic too.

  3. Imagine you go buy the car, you drive it home, you park it in your garage for the first time and you cannot get out cuz the door won't open up bcs of the garages low ceiling 😀

  4. I wonder if the g-forces of going around a curve causes the speedometer to tilt more than the wheel is turned.

  5. Front seats doesn't look so easy to access with that huge door obstructing half the space… And the main information screen attached to the steering wheel..? really? that doesn't look very useful in practice.. Anyway everything else looks pretty beautiful

  6. 18:38 AND cut the seat belt with the inner line — thats the most important thing to remember, its for both cutting the seat belt and breaking the window!

  7. Can’t wait for some spoiled 16 year old white girl drivin this while she’s on her phone boutta crash


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