Lamborghini Aventador SVJ v McLaren 600LT: DRAG RACE

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  1. McLaren all day long Lamborghini does not have it no more don't get me wrong they're fast cars but against the McLaren they're not

  2. Good afternoon. Please tell me, do you have any other cars besides Audi, BMW and Lamborghini? I would really like to see the VOLVO S60 and S90 as well. they also have four wheel drive versions and so on. Thank you.

  3. Question for high performance brakes experts . . . (this hypothesis was taken only from emergency stops that I've actually seen, and I'm not suggesting anyone actually attempt this):

    Can you decrease your emergency stopping distance by zigzag-steering into the stop?
    For which types of brakes could this be most applicable? For which ones is it a hard no?

  4. The reason is simple: no Mc really has the horsepower it claims, but many more (see 720 or 765) at least 80hp.

    another reason is the weight, 300kg is a lot.

    As you can see, only at the start he can play with the Lambo, because in speed the Lambo goes away quickly ^^


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