Lamborghini Aventador vs New Tesla Model S: DRAG RACE!

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  1. Hey everyone Mat Watson here ☺. Hope you enjoy this video. Just so you know we shot this a while ago. We have a lot of upcoming videos from the past months which haven't been edited out yet. We will be releasing them over the coming weeks to keep you all entertained during lockdown. If you would also like to see some videos on the cars I actually own (Porsche 911, Supercharged MX-5 and Fiat 126), head over to my personal youtube channel and subscribe:

  2. bad driver from Aventador…. an idiot, so look from here….. Aventador cannot loose so easy….but the driver is not a really DRIVER… only a simple man…. :/

  3. Tesla are cool and everything but you can’t hear it, can’t smell it, then you must plug it in like a toaster.

  4. if the Lamb was the coupe and not the roadster it might have won the first race and the other two won't even be needed.


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