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Richard Hammond will take Lamborghini Huracán to the round, but will he have some problems with the recent additions ….

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  1. I honestly dont really know what people were talking about atleast with the styling. compared to its predecessor. its way more jet fighter lambo looking. not that i dont like the gallardo.

  2. Huracan perfomante review from Hammond: a lifetime ago on a car show in a galaxy far far away, I reviewed the original huracan..

    Something about that struck me

  3. I understand that people will disagree with Hammond but i agree
    It lacks something, something i can't explain but it's the thing that would make me choose Aventador every single day over it if i would have enough money to buy it

  4. I don’t agree with you, Mr. Hammond on the “looks”.

    I would love to print an A2 sized premium photo paper picture of this green Hurricane and post it on my bedroom’s wall.

    And I enjoy driving it and looking at it in Gran Turismo Sport specifically in this light green and silver wheels.

    Sorry, in real life I can’t afford it’s badge.

  5. Soon ima buy this Italian lambo… that means I will be joining a Italian spy agency because of the brand LOL peoples choice of brand means spies. That's the IQ of todays America lol hahahahahahahahahah

  6. Great points Richard. I own an '18 NSX pictured left, and I've considered trading it in on a Huracan over and over again. But, my car does pretty much everything the Huracan does for $120K less….. I think if the Huracan was crazier and more outlandish it would be worth the trade. As it stands, my NSX is every bit as good looking, performs as well, is a hybrid with stealth mode, and has Honda/Acura reliability/low operating costs to back it up. Why trade it in on a Huracan? Hmmmmmmmmm…………..probably not.

  7. I think it looks great. Just not in green. In forza horizon this was the best car I had in terms of speed. Customized ofc so it goes up to like 260 or something hahah. and custom paint ofc.

  8. Odd as it is…when all the fun and games are done, and the boys start talking seriously about cars, when you see their love for those machines come through, those moments are some of my favorite….then James messes up and says "Cock" and I laugh my ass off.

  9. Does anyone else fest like the aventador felt like a downgrade with the grille like the hurucan felt bigger than the aventador

  10. To make a belated counter argument; the Miura was also not savage looking, and, like the Huracan, is considered to be one of Lamborghini's other cool cars.
    Although to be fair, the Countach wasn't produced yet when the Miura came out.

  11. At every single car event, there are at least 3x more huracans than any other cars. So to all the smart ass people complaining about what Hammond said about it not feeling special, it doesn't. It literally becomes annoying when you keep seeing huracans, instead of anything that's more interesting.

  12. Really subjective opinion. I love the huracan. It looks like an aggressive bull.
    Enjoyable presentation but it’s his subjective opinion.

  13. Lol at the idiots saying this car is ugly while simultaneously saying the Gallardo and Aventador aren't as if they're not all essentially the exact same design. Get your heads out of your asses you fake "car experts".


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