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To celebrate 40 years of Lamborghini, Richard Hammond and Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay look old-fashioned, ….

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  1. Ah that car, that sound, that unique progressive color, that logo equals to pure adorned Passion & Love!

  2. Read the title and thought I was going crazy till I see people in the comments complaining about the spelling too -_-

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  4. Watch this yuotube vid at 0.5 speed for a whole new concept of this car.
    Aaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh I want one!!!!!!!

  5. TU-144 was earlier. И в космос мы раньше полетели, и WW2 выиграли мы, а не вы. Вы вы кто вообще. Колонизаторы, давшие индейцам тифозные одеяла.

  6. Funny, Hamster comments on the car causing a stir, well the first one i saw definitely caused a stir. It was on the opening week of the Eastern Freeway in Melbourne, and one caught fire on the entry ramp.

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  8. "knicked that from the mini"
    What do they mean by that? Plenty of cars had transverse engines by the 60s, Saab 92? Trabis? Ok that one was terrible, but the point stands. And the first car that had a transverse engine was German. As for mid engine, Germans and French where playing with that for years.

  9. Damn jk doesn’t buy cars to speculate, 100k for a miura, you would have to pay well over a million today, that’s a profit of over 100k a year.


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