Lamborghini Urus Tested On Road And Exit | Advanced Equipment

Lamborghini designed the SUV. It is called Urus. It is powered by a twin-turbo V8 that produces 641bhp. Lolani Magazine a Top Gear ….

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  1. I absolutely live Lamborghini as a brand, and I'm getting close to finally buy my first Urus.
    ..but this review is so boring I couldn't even finish watching it

  2. I drove the urus yesterday definitely agree to every single word he said especially about defying physics. It’s weird driving a big suv that behaves so agile like a sports car.

  3. No I’m crying into my keyboard because the doors don’t lift up, should’ve been a 2 door suv and if anyone wants to get I’m the back push the passenger seat up but 4 doors should not be on this car

  4. Honestly, the top gear will never been like with Jeremy … and the new TV presenter does not fit for this role … greetings from Crimea 🙂 Jeremy hallo !!! i wery love your tv project!!!!

  5. Amazing machine. Comfortable and fast, highly tactile. Basically a Performante with a trunk. And yes I have both.


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