Lamborghini Urus vs Audi RSQ8 vs Bentley Bentayga vs Porsche Cayenne Turbo S: DRAG RACE

Go to the carwow to save money on your next car – Get ready for the VW Group SUV drag race !! … Oh, si….

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  1. These aren’t even different flavours of ice cream more like different flavours of chocolate ice cream

  2. I love how the urus Cayenne and rsq8 all sound almost exactly the same. Cuz they got the same motors under the hood

  3. From off the start without rolling the RSQ8 Is faster by far and the URUS costs 2x the amount of it. Waste of money unless you want to just look like a douchebag go with the Audi.

  4. appearance is also an important factor and if not why people pay thousands more to another color of air jordans

  5. I wonder if the Porsche was the real winner, but VW doesn't want you to know that when they really want to sell you a Lambo for $50,000 more or pure profit.

  6. – Mom can we have Stig in carwow?
    – We already have Stig in carwow
    – Stig in carwow: RSQ8

  7. I would still take the Bentayga, but without all that nonsense hanging off the car here. Maybe the Porsche next.

  8. Since the Lamborghini is so expensive, just put some more HP in the Audi and the Porsche, since there is a lot of money left against the Lamborghini, and the Lamborghini has no chance any more.

  9. 60 thousand dollars for 1 tenth of a second? If I had the money I’m buying the Audi hands down. I have seen all of these cars in person and to me the Audi looks the best.

  10. Не хватает ФВ Туарег. Ведь эти пять машин по сути одно и тоже.


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