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Sir Isaac Clarkson explains the law of gravity as a coin and the Ford Scorpio is lowered from the top of a 150-foot crane! .

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  1. тупость! хорошо мозгов хватило никого не сажать за руль!

  2. Not sure why this has to happen, I mean it's basically a RWD, Ranger-powered Taurus. Would be cool to have in America when it's 25 years old (we can make it look better or just import the older version that's old enough already).

  3. unless of course one has more wind drag than the other, which is what this episode was about i believe, original comment was just…. wow i cant believe someone actually said that lol

  4. when there is no friction off any kind involved, wich is impossible btw, the car and coin will reach the ground at the exact same time, gravitational accelration is the same for all objects, so the mass doesn't affect the speed in any way

  5. Yes, but the car is much heaver with more wind resistance. The coin would fall slower and tumble in the air longer too.

  6. The laws of physics tell us that they would land on the ground at the same time for that height (F=Gm1m2/d2).

  7. All objects fall at the same speed no madder what, without air resistance. The car is bigger… so of course it has more.. so the coin wins.

  8. if there was no air resistance the coin and the ford will hit the ground at the same time, because gravity pulls all objects with the same force.

  9. @Ferrari73703 if you like ford scorpios so much why you dont change your youtube name to scorpio instead of ferrari?

  10. @niceboy60, some people would rather that other people like niceboy60 would not make stupid comments like that.

  11. @gstaraftari Asking to have Ford Scorpio is like asking to have cancer .
    However I will rather die from cancer than having such a ugly crap car

  12. @Alex2149
    The theory is absolutely correct, but I'm obliged to tell you… it was a penny, not a pin. XD

  13. @Alex2149 : yeah dude…you are right…there are(is) air here…if the place was "airless" they would have hit the ground at the same time…

  14. In vacuum they would have fallen together, but in this case the car has more wind drag, so the pin will drop first.
    Correct me if im wrong.

  15. @Nakke144 Its true that I would never back down to a PD130 or less unless I had to but they are far from crap. There is a fine line between entry level and downright crap. Not everyone wants a top spec engine because not everyone wants the insurance bills, fuel bills and tax bills. Some of us just want a 'car' and its appreciated. Ok, its slow, but it has to have SOME reliability to its name. Ford fail to deliver these demands and thats one reason why they have such a bad reputation.

  16. @Nakke144 I know its from the mid-90's but the Endura diesel is back from the 1980's which is even worse. VW and Seat stopped using the R4 1.8 20VT back in 2006 and switched over to the 2.0 TSi and now they are using the TSi's. Ford didn't stop manufacturing the 1.8 TDCi 115, they carried on making the poor 8V unit available. Furthermore in 2008 they made the unit available as a 100 and 125 cv as well as a 115 and carried on production. There are a lot of people who will buy a 1.8 my friend.

  17. @1ns4ne1d10t The underpinnings&engine block of that 1.8T is from an old audi engine from the mid-nineties! And that endura diesel is not used anymore, they dropped it a while back. And if a model lineup includes a bad engine or two, what is the problem, you still can choose another engine? And you have to be seriously deluded to buy an entry-level car with the smallest engine, they are almost always crap, no matter what the brand is!

  18. @Nakke144 You call the R4 20VT a "relic from the stone ages" but remember the 1.8 endura diesel? The Endura Diesel is still being used in Mondeo's and Focuses as I speak but as a 1.8 TDCi 115 and 125. The engine was from the 1980's which still remains to be 8 valve and all Ford did to progress the engine in 30 years is add a delphi high pressure injection system and a Variable vane turbo. Ford still use it, my what a polished turd. At least VW has now switched to TSi in favour of the 1.8 20VT.

  19. @Nakke144 The R4 20VT was made by Audi not VW. I don't want a 200hp Diesel Ford, my Leons 200hp. Unfortunately the injectors leak as the high pressure injection system still remains to be Delphi, though they have changed the engine from ZSD to PSA they are still lacking from the Peugeot PSA by adding in 1 stupid variable vane turbo instead of 2 honeywell turbo's and, of course they don't lay off Delphi. Unfortunately, Ford may seem refined, but the fuel consumption doesn't match the Germans.

  20. @1ns4ne1d10t And yes, i am a Ford-enthusiast, but not a blind one, with Ford-specs on. They have made some stinkers, but generally european Fords have been awesome since the mid 90's. American Fords on the other hand, have been quite rubbish, altough they have apparently got back on track w/ the new Taurus and so on… And oh boy would i love an australian Ford FPV Falcon. Just a shame it costs an absolute fortune to import one.

  21. @1ns4ne1d10t That particular fact is true, i know, but so what, no car manufacturer is perfect? What about the old 1.8T-engine, that they kept shoving in their cars at VW, despite it being a relic from the stone ages? And now that Ford is not short of money anymore, they have already ditched those old engines a good while ago. Go try the new 200hp diesel they have, its great. Refinement wise right up there w/ BMW's fabulous 320d, but with more grunt. Different class to the old transit engine.

  22. @Nakke144 I am a clueless muppet? I don't know anything about Fords? Oh really? When I mentioned about the MkII Mondeo and Jag X-Type using Twin camshaft chain-driven ZSD 420 and 422 engines which are from Dagenhan, East London who manufacture for LDV and London taxi, I am not wrong. You are a hardened Ford enthusiast but you don't know your stuff? Some enthusiast you are, I thought you bummed Mondeo's. Unfortunately my information given to you is correct, check with a Ford specialist.

  23. @1ns4ne1d10t Oh dear, you really are a clueless muppet. The DSG-box is a dual clutch aswell. You really dont know anything about Fords, all the statements you make are completely false, and made up! Just go groom those eyebrows with the go-faster-stripes already!

  24. @Nakke144 Dual clutch!? oh no! Fords engineering hiccups just get worse and worse. Ford Mondeo's kill clutches after 10,000 miles now its got 2 CLUTCHES to kill in 10,000 miles. Ford are becoming a joke now. It took them long enough to stop sourcing terrible ZSD-420 and 422 engines for Mondeo's from Dagenham then making them WORSE with Delphi parts. At least VAG never had "Puma" ventures with dodgey back-street companies in London that made LDV and London taxi engines unlike Ford.

  25. @1ns4ne1d10t Go drive the new facelifted Mondeo w/the equally new 240ps EcoBoost-engine, and try to tell me that its shit after that. Fords new dual-clutch box shits all over the VAG DSG-one, wich break down instantly, if the temperature drops below minus five centigrate.

  26. @Nakke144 Oh hello *waves* fancy seeing you here! So what do you do all day? wait until I leave a comment on a Ford video then you pounce on it like a lion on a gazelle? I just think Fords are shit and they deserve punishment and I am allowed to express my anti-fordism on Youtube. If I was peing politically incorrect I could understand you but I don't.


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