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Chaps has been upgraded to LEGO on a new trailer. Stop what you are doing and see. Jeremy is asleep, Richard has ….

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  1. Tonight:
    Hammond turns into a segway
    James gets a haurcut,
    The stig re-tyres
    And i sit back, relax and watch this all peice together

  2. Tonight on g e a r , I shapeshift into my lego form, James has hair loss, and Hammond accidentally amputates his legs.

  3. The fact that they had a whole bit about replacing Hammond's legs because of an accident hits different now lol

  4. Is it funny to think that the only one not to have anything go wrong with them is the same one that usually doesn’t do manual labour?

  5. This i Quality and entertainment I will totally watch a whole episode of the stuff maybe even whole season.


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