Lexus How to: RX 350 Connect USB Audio and Video | Lexus

Welcome to the Lexus How-To series, where owners can learn more about their new cars. In this lesson, you will learn ….

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  1. I have 2012 RX350 with full Nav and Stereo Sat CD USB and it will play MP3 files from a flash drive in FAT32 format plugged into the center console AUX USB port. Turn on Stereo and select the AUX port; it will start to play any mp3 files on the flash drive; you can start to select NEXT, and then NEXT again. So far that's cool with me; really opens up having to insert CD discs, way better! Really makes this car drivable for long trips! And works with headphones too…

  2. Hello, I just got a 2021 RX350 F-Sport yesterday. I love the car but I'm have a bit of a problem. I live in Taiwan and the car's user interface is all in Chinese. I'm an American and my Chinese is still quite poor. Is there a way to change the UI language from Chinese to English in the settings? I was able to change it in the gauge display but I don't see an option to do so for the NAV, stereo etc. Thanks in advance for any tips you might have.

  3. Guys please redesign the infotainment system! Specifically the controller! Change the touchpad and a touch knob! And bit of UI according to the knob.. I guarantee you, this will bump up your sells by 2x at least!


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