Lexus LF-LC Concept – Official Disclosure

Subscribe to Lexus: Lexus officially unveils the coupe of the LF-LC concept 2 + 2 in North America ….

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  1. Too bad you guys are never going to build a car as beautiful as the LF-LC. Unless of course, you change the laws themselves.

  2. The grill is a little big. But anything else is beautiful. Guys it takes some talents to design a car like this. Ask urself what can u do b4 u judge it

  3. successful artist/designer u say? i call ur bullshit. design is and always will be subjective. no design is right or wrong.

  4. So does this mean you hate all concept cars ever produced they are all like this. Also if your a successful art designer why do you comment in such a vulgar tone to antagonize people? Finally what do you find to be pretty? With Examples?

  5. ya wat u dont understand is modern design.. what is art.. if u see it as ugly, u sound like a honda racing teenager bro

  6. The LFA was originally $400K. So I'd be VERY surprised if this car goes into production selling for just $120-$130K. Honest to God, it really looks like it should cost at least half a million. Dentists and lawyers should not be able to afford this thing, but rather company presidents, CEO's, and private owners.

  7. @fanzboy007 o please your just a Aston fanboy and since you are u should see that there is no resemblance

  8. the Host guy is "A Fail person" he wanted to use some cool words like "How hot is that?"…etc, and no one gave him reaction. even he clapped for him self to let the people know that he finished. and the guy inside the car, hes looking forward since the beginning, like a robot, if i were i would go outside the car and say: F U all, i ride this Baby!!

  9. stop believing the propaganda! toyota/lexus #1 in recalls and the profit still goes back to crapan! SUPPORT AMERICA….YOU ARE A TRUE AMERICAN ARN'T YOU?

  10. this is why Lexus is THE number one car to get in my opinion its not just going back like some other brand….were going to the future "the pursuit of PERFECTION" GO LEXUS!!!


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