Lexus LIVE from SEMA

We are at SEMA with corporate pioneer and repair engineer, Toshi Hayama and VP of Lexus Marketing, Vinay Shahani. They are ….

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  1. Здравствуйте я афто дизайн мне зовут усмонов илхомжон имяминович могу рисовать разнобразного автомобилей тел

  2. LC f sport? Why does the flagship LC not have 360 cameras and 2.5 drivers assistance? It's like the mid tier cars get all the development money. I get it tho they make the money but it's a flagship

  3. I loved Lexus staying away from turbos. This is why these cars lasted forever. But now there are twin turbos … Either way I trust their engineering

  4. So this was to showcase some ugly mods for the IS? Come on Lexus… your recent design language has me scratching my head. I consider myself your number one fan, but you're making some hideous choices lately.

  5. Definitely need to do a better job communicating to your dealers and potential customers on production and allocations!


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