Lexus LY 650 Yacht: Craftsmanship

The Lexus LY 650 yacht reflects the commitment to craftsmanship shared by Marquis Yachts and Lexus. Together both have been … .

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  1. All Lexus are made up and composed out the elements from the periodic table. I love Lexus, for taking the Toyota life to a new meaning, Toyota understands about an element, it's like it understands the weather the climate how much humidity is in the air the gravitational pull, Lexus computer and science understands about the elements that make our very own solar system and the universe

  2. The periodic table has elements. The human body is composed out of elements such as H2O, silica, we are the elements, without elements the universe wouldnt exist

  3. Good to know that Lexus has ventured into something new, but it's clear why Mercedes and BMW outsell them. Mercedes launch the EQC and GLB, Lexus is working on a yacht, very nice! Where is the LQ? A new GS? A convertible RC? After being a Toyota/Lexus loyalist for years, it might be time to lookk elsewhere.


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