Lexus RX SUV 2018 reviews | Mat Watson Comments

How does the Lexus RX at risk fit in with SUV competitors, including the BMW X5 and Mercedes GLE? Mat finds ….

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  1. Great review as usual. One thing – the expression is “head up” display not “heads up” . How many heads have you got Matt?

  2. Stop spreading lies. The infotainment system is very easy to use. You have your opinion but it doesn't make it bad. "German cars are better" what a lie. I find the lexus infotainment much more easier to use

  3. The 5 things that he dislikes about the car are not really inconveniencies. So, the car is flawless in my opinion. I daily drive an X5 50i 2016 but this Lexus seems a very good choice.

  4. Just picked up an F Sport version. Mat the Infotainment system is perfectly fine after a day of playing around with it, the heads up display is good. I don’t have the sunroof but that ok. The boot is big enough for most. The ride and handling is very good In F-sport trim with the adjustable dampers.
    I have also managed to get the mpg graph to 60mpg, not that often, but it is possible. The G meter is a nice toy, Loving it so far. Surprising how often you can drive in electric mode around town, even at short bursts… every drop counts..

  5. Oh, No. Lexus accidentally installed the steering wheel on the wrong side. Quick, take it back and get another. LOL. Actually, I enjoyed this review. It is well done. However, I don't see the resemblance to a horseshoe crab. 🙂

  6. My grandpa has one of these and it’s very comfortable.
    He thinks it’s the 2nd best car he has ever had – just after the Mercedes S class!

  7. As a long term owner of the f-sport version it's a wonderful car to own. Reliable, comfortable, powerful and luxurius. No one builds a better made car. The big plus for me is lexus after sales care….no o e does customer service like lexus. It's hard now looking anywhere else for me. The comfort over long distances can't be ovetstated but fuel economy is poor. Long term I manage about 29mpg. Its worth it though for the ownership experience.

  8. My mate just bought the new version of this – looks amazing imo. Its in F-Sport trim and honestly it looks so aggressive i love it! Interior quality is amazing and now that it has CarPlay/Auto its got no big flaws imo. Where’s the vid for the new one Matt?

  9. My step mom has one of these and the ride is sooo smooth. I know accelerating you get that constant tone from the engine but having it at the same rpm with the electric motors makes it a very smooth ride and the suspension and seats are amazing too


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