Lexus UX Walk Around Video 2019

In this review of Lexus, learn more about the design and technology that was introduced in the first 2019 Lexus UX, UXh ….

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  1. Honestly if this had some ambient lighting and bigger rear leg room. I’d buy this. It has one of the best interior designs I’ve seen.

  2. One of my friends got a white UX with white and blue interior. Haven’t seen it in person but in pictures at least it’s beautiful

  3. My Std. Rng. Plus Model 3: (1) accelerates faster; (2) $2.50/100 mi in town (not counting free chargers); (3) $3.75/100 mi cross country, and; (4) auto steer, lane change, dynamic cruise control, built-in dash cam. So I can get less with a Lexus but can't pay more.

  4. The price for the ux in China is ridiculous, with all those features being removed. You people need to either lower the price or add in all the features that are readily available in other markets. So disappointed.

  5. Do these have standards led turn signals? It's a shame lexus doesn't put them standard on expensive rx350s when Honda crvs offer them.

  6. Now explain why lower cost toyota CHR has led turn signals, but more luxury and expensive Lexus ux has incadescent lamps???

  7. The reason I did not go with Lexus when I replaced my 250h (the best car ever) was because of that ugly front grill. I'm sorry but no matter what they come up with technically I am going to wait until they lose the ugly grill.

  8. Just checked out the UX for the first time in person yesterday. This car is hot! The combination of tasteful design, quality materials and fantastic fuel economy really push this thing over the top. When it comes time to replace our 2008 es350 in a year or two this will definitely be at the top of the list. Beautiful work Lexus.

  9. Not a bad small car even if a tad under-powered and a bit cramped in the back set and boot. Unfortunately rip off pricing in Australia where the drive away f-sport price in Australia with metallic paint is around $70,000. A lot of change from that for the current top Mazda CX-5, for instance.

  10. I wish, there would be a few wood options for the intirior. But other than that, it is a good CUV and right sized. At least for europe. But I also think that young american first buyers with luxury appeal, could buy this Crossover.

  11. Another Lexus SUV/Crossover? 5 now? Come on. This is the NX at 95% scale. Some obscene brand dilution here. Lexus, you guys are not BMW/Audi. Stop it.


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