Living IN my Audi RS4 – find out what can go WRONG when you sleep in your car!

Mat’s taking his practicality review of the Audi RS4 to the next level… by seeing if he can spend a whole night in the car! He’s been … .

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  1. Dude was in a luxurious car, and in a pre-agreed spot. He'll never have to worry abt cops/the dreaded knock.. hunger in the middle of the night… dude, just go home to your condo. This isn't for you. Thank you for bringing awareness-ish..

  2. That wired noise was the car thinking the boot was shut and the boot latch lock thingy kept on locking and unlocking

  3. I used to love sleeping outdoors in my car, especialy when it rains never slept better.

    its just this new cars are getting smaller narrower by the day, also why are flat flors with sits down such a rarity these days??

  4. Why are you mad why don’t you do this challenge with your G 63 right or G 63 what do you way better than this it’s more luxurious how do you get way way way more space it’s like as if you’re riding on some of my van on a luxury van right dude so much space do you sleep wherever you want in that thing

  5. Try to sleep in a car when you are not sleepy? I don't think so. I'd have probably driven all the way. And now I don't think I would ever sleep in my car. Ever.

  6. When Matt goes out to brush his teeth, there is a reddish glow around. Just imagine a man standing just as the boot opens up.


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