Living with an Audi RS6 – what I loved… And hated!

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  1. Two of Mat's latest long-termers have been the Audi RS6 & Mercedes-AMG G63. But which would you prefer to get your hands on? VOTE BELOW!

  2. Only thing I don't like is that putrid colour. Such an attractive car… But having it in that horrid colour is like having a beautiful piece of art and your kid has just doodled all over it.

  3. That brown interior has supercar vibes…love it. Shame about the RS steering wheel though. The previous ones were nicer looking

  4. It just doesn't look like 100+k of car. I mean everyone has an Audi. Its like a high end ford escort. I wouldn't even give it a second glance. Half the car park at work is Audi. Its like the generic Mercedes and beemers. They are all the same. Same style, same grille. Same boring shapes, same trim levels, same alloys, same colours…same tech…nope from me. Maybe if your "in the know" you might go ooh RS 6 .. well anyway, about my deconstructed latte…so much boredom in car design these days 🙁

  5. Does the the string back just givs you a bit of extra purchase? WTF you wearing man and colour coded massssssice TOOL!

  6. 14:05 THANK YOU MATT for addressing that annoying issue with the google maps not able to replicate in the digital dash! In my 2018 golf R and wife's 2018 Q5 S-line, we have the same issue and the OEM maps system does not have traffic data unless you subscribe to it for like $4-5 a month and even if you do it's GARBAGE! they need to start listening to customers and allow their systems to be a little more integrated to apple carplay / android auto as that is what everyone is moving towards. Side note – the spotify music also doesn't display properly on the digital dash which is really frustrating!


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