Looking for a Sky Run in Three Supercars! | | Advanced Equipment

The mountains of life are the sound of horses as Clarkson, Hammond and May carry their suitcases in their Lamborghini ….

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  1. Has it taken me that long to realise that clarkson was driving a gated manual superleggera aka one of the rarest gallardos….. in the world?

  2. Ever since Ive seen this episode about 10years ago Ive wanted to drive on Stelvio.. and last week Ive made my dream come true.. what a road.. what a masterpiece.. if youre into cars and love a good drive you must go there.

  3. Was there last week and stayed at the hotel at the bottom..most incredible experience and place ever. Was all inspired from this episode all those years back ❤

  4. I'd take an Aston — just not that one. The V-12 DBS would have been the way to blast down those roads in custom leather comfort.

  5. To laugh !!!
    "The largest driveing road in the world"
    The truth :
    Stelvio is "only" the second highest alpine pass.
    The landscape is really beautiful but the road is average in comparison to other Alpine passes.
    Stelvio is not nice to drive.
    Very fast straights are finished by very tight turns.
    Almost resting and turning on the spot.
    Thats fact.
    You might as well drive these lines in a large parking lot.
    Then you could see the oncoming traffic in the rearview mirror.

  6. is it just me or does this look just like the need for speed hot pursuit 2 intro just without the police 😛

  7. They changed the music! 🙁 The song as the camera cuts to the different cars right before they drive the pass, I liked the one from the original airing of the show. Anyone know the name of it?

  8. Shame about the 480p. but after last nights shambolic, boring, wooden load of rubbish, it's good to be reminded of how it can and should be done.

  9. This beautiful road at Passo Stelvio is full with motorhomes, coaches and cyclists all day long in both directions. How did they do this??????

  10. NICE   Searching for Driving Heaven in 3 Supercars! (HQ) – Top Gear – Series 10 – BBC

  11. ah, amateaurs.
    Doing the Stelvio Pass with cars… it should be done with racing bycicles and honest sweat! 😉 Actually done it twice to experience what cyclists feel during the Giro d'Italia.. it was… let's say punishing. 🙂



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