Lotus Elan Type 26R Racing on Hillclimb: Accelerations & 1.6 Lotus-Ford Twin Cam Engine Sound!

This brief video is fully focused on a Lotus Elan Type 26R (or simply called Elan 26R) I recorded during the 2020 …

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  1. The very first Forza Motorsport made me want to own one, and it's still on my dream cars list.

  2. Amazing vid! Thank you for this one bozzy! Look at how it dances over the tarmac! Looks and sounds gorgeous too.

  3. I often think about what I want in my dream garage; I think Cinque Roadster, E30 M3, Porsche RSR, Aston Martin DBS, DeTomaso Mangusta, etc…. But if there is ONE car I would keep for all of my life, this is the one.

    Something about the driving experience, and the raw simplicity of it

    The first Lotus Elan really is peak car

  4. The mantra of lotus is , "to add speed, add lightness". With the geely's ownership today, they fcked it up by making a heavy hypercar

  5. 160 hp 600 kg.
    It has a power-to-weight ratio like the mt-07 motorcycle. Of course wet and calculation including driver.


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