Lotus Emira review – and my BANNED test!

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  1. Another stunning car by Lotus and the price is amazing, will they be able to produce vast amounts because I can see this being very popular.

  2. Love your video please dont call it a budget tributo …. I think Lotus deserves a credit to be on its ow n:)

  3. which engine…why , rip everything out and put a 1000 hp tesla electric motor in and switch it into Ludicrous mode of course…not sure where the Battery pack will fit though !

  4. I haven't watched this channel in a while. What happened to your eyes dude? Or it's just the glasses doing weird things

  5. Beautiful…but:

    1) it's heavy like a SUV.

    2) performance like a Alpine A110S (do not you believe it? give it a try and let it know)

    3) With Emira you can "kill" just a based 718 with 300cv

    4) Any Exige, Evora, any Alfa Romeo 4C, any 911, any 718 GTS (even 4 cilinder), any old Corvette can "kill" this Emira.

    5) Please, ad good advice, keep name "Ferrari" away, if you are speaking about Emira. Two different galaxy.

    This Emira it's just a Marketing project.

  6. It does look like a ferrari. I have a feeling these won't be anywhere near the base price in the US.

  7. Nice, full screen android auto.. The new S class/eqs/c class Mercedes has good Android auto also, huge screen.. Speaking of .. galaxy fold? Love my fold2, had almost 2 years now.. I love the Emira, had an exige.. If my 911 manual isn't fixed I'd buy this or an evora gt

  8. It's 1,02,996 USD in UK, which is roughly 8 Million INR, which I can understand for this beauty but with Indian Taxes it will be 15 Million INR which is bonkers for 400HP Lotus.

    I don't know what enthusiast are supposed to do here, no real options for HighRevving Manual driver focused cars which does not break the bank!

  9. How long we betting on before the tech boffins retune that merc engine back up to over 400 ponies then? 🙂

  10. I’m sorry. By end of the day. Anyone projecting that a lotus is better than other cars. Same type of idiot that believes land rovers are reliable. Beyond a few outliers with decent performance. There is not a single English vehicle this 1) reliable 2) fast 3) better then it’s direct competition in either regard. English cars are a joke. Only 3 ever made I’d consider buying

  11. Definitely hope to buy one of these in a few years! Already have a spec in mind once the optional colors become available. I will definitely go for AMG 4 cylinder turbo this time around. With a tune, downpipe, intake and full exhaust, I bet it puts out 450whp or more. I have an Evora GT, and I absolutely love it. It's a 6 speed with the 2GR Toyota in it, and I've done quite a few things to it to make it more canyon-carver focused and go a little faster. I have a few things left to do, but I'm shooting for 450-460WHP and 100-ish lbs lighter than stock. If I didn't have the GT I would definitely go for the Emira with the V6+6MT, but it would be nice to daily a dual-clutch instead of a 6 speed. Plus, I think there is already a huge tuning base for the AMG 4 cylinder, whereas there is not a ton available for the Toyota, and what is tends to be really expensive because it's such a niche thing. Bay Area and LA traffic also pretty much sucks with a stick, especially because 90% of people don't know what a manual car is and don't actually look before they try and dart over….

    The Evora is my first Lotus and I'm definitely a huge fan of the brand now. I always wanted a Ferrari 430 Scud/570S/LP560-2/997 GT3 and while I would love to own one of those some day, I would never get rid of my Evora to get one. I genuinely hope this is one of those cars that gets passed down, because I think it is the last of the true Lotus cars. I think the Emira is arguably all the way around a better car, the fit and finish is likely going to be amazing, they'll be a ton more refined and since Lotus is beefing up their dealer network and presence in the US, they'll just be all-around easier cars to own. All that being said, there is something special about the more hand-built feel of the older cars. They feel like refined kit cars, and because of that, they're actually really easy to work on, and almost everything just unbolts from the tub in some way or another.

  12. Nice programme but why do ALL motor correspondents show how to side slide a car? 99% of people that buy these cars don't drive them like racing cars. It's a bit juvenile.

  13. Its encouraging that Lotus have produced such a great car, however for some people the badge is more important.

  14. Fantastic car, but it would really be nice to actually be able to understand every other word this guy says.


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