Making Smoothie With V8 Engine | Advanced Equipment

Subscribe: The terrorist group uses the V8 car engine to create suspicious-type glitches. Welcome to ….

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  1. sorry the naturally aspirated model was not for us instead we chose to go with the supercharged hemi for out blender as it makes a crisp 707 horsepower plenty of uumph for my fruit smoothies

  2. You know top Gear Australia had a segment called V8 to the rescue Well I think this is top gear UK version of that segment

  3. Ok now maybe the idea of a meat smoothie thing could have worked somehow (proper meat handling would have needed to be done as well as adding multiple sauces to zest it up)

    The meat probably should have also been cooked or at least smoked so they aren’t raw. The bones could stay in (maybe for calcium) and one final thing…….maybe don’t put in an actual brick?

    Or better yet just use a food processor

  4. "The Bloody Awful" is a joke stolen from Bottom when they make a similarly horrid cocktail, which Eddie nicknamed the "Esther Rantzen" because it made your lips reveal your teeth.


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