Man VS Car in Arctic Weather: Hammond Vs Citroen C1 | Gear Winter Olympics

Hammond argues with the machine to see who can withstand Arctic heat better, himself or Citroen C1. But at minus 40 ….

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  1. I would have loved it if they Put Genesis in the Ipod and when hammond turned it on It started playing would of Loved to see his reaction

  2. Yeah that car was not prepared. That's not even half of the cold i've worked 12 hours in. And that's only in northern Alberta in Canada, I imagine it's much colder in the Scandinavian countries northern area. And he couldn't move around to warm up. THIS TEST SHOWS NOTHING!

  3. unfortunately the issue is, an Hammond used on a straight street will probably crash into a curve and burst into flames …

  4. Buy a citroen c1 pr peugeot 107 or Toyota Aygo with 998 cc vvt_i petrol engine from Toyota not this 1.4 hdi…. more power and run great…..

  5. i have a C! and all the doors froze this winter, even the locks froze, so i smeared vasaline on the door rubbers , problem solved

  6. That little Citroen is still on the road.. 100k miles, MOT till July 2021.. wonder if the current owner knows what it went through!

  7. I had no idea there was such thing as 'winter diesel.' I'm Australian and have never seen it snow. Sounds miserable to live in.

  8. Ngl. Everyone a c1 is a heap of shit. C1s can last a very long time. My stepdad had a 107. He got that at 12k miles. A few months back he sold it and done 600k miles. Its a cheap reliable car


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