Matt LeBlanc Reviewed by Ariel Nomad | Advanced Equipment

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  1. Did I just watch a clip from an action movie?! Matt Leblanc is a star car reviewer. He is an action driver. He is soo different from what I saw of Joey. He is badass, funny and cool at the same time

  2. TopGear was the best when the trio was there now it’s great and all but not as good as the grand tour the trio will always the best to me but Matt is still great

  3. I half expected him to giggle when he said the model name "Nomad" and Chandler explaining that he thought he said "gonad"

  4. Matt, Paddy and Freddie would've made pretty spot on trio. People like chris harris and rory reid lacked personality while evans was a straight up soulless bag of annoyance

  5. This is the USA Top Gear, right? Has to be.

    Truth be told I just think Matt LeBlanc is rather… bland? I honestly thought he was one of the more boring original guests.

  6. This looks like awesome automobile for Hammond to review. He wouldn't have the getting in problem, either.

  7. It's not an offroader …. not enough ground clearance, no lockers, no low range transmission.
    It's like a buggy or Rally Crosser …. or for small country roads.

  8. I have to admit something. When i thought of Matt Leblanc i thought about that goofy guy on Friends years ago. Now the guy is driving Demons, hot cars, and off-road. He is an everyday guy that loves cars and excitement. He has become a badass and I have to admit………….COOL!!!! Full on respect for Matt Leblanc!!!!!!! You go boy!!! Dare I say the future potential Chuck Norris replacement ?!?!?!? If he learns Tai Kwan Do!!

  9. This is why the original 3 was the best 🙂 A bike not able to overtake a car in any hairpin turn must be the biggest bullshit… You should have just kept driving through that road and reviewed the car instead of a scam storyline 🙂

  10. This is the apex of Matt LeBlanc's career. It's all downhill from here.

    "Meet Pete. Basically a lizard with opposable thumbs."

    Sweet gig. And I need an Ariel Nomad.


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