McLaren 570S vs Porsche 911 Turbo vs Audi R8 V10 | Advanced Equipment

One from the Top Gear Magazine repository. Can McLaren’s ‘baby’ 562bhp win over the best Germany he can offer? Subscribe to Top Gear ….

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  1. Not sure the facts are correct in a straight line drag the porsche turbo would destroy the other two not to mention the four wheel drive porsche would also be more than be a match for the others.
    Porsche tends to underestimate its performance figures.

  2. Sounds like a robot reading a script, what a boring presenter. Top gear really no good anymore – sad!

  3. Love the McLaren performance but personally for me and looking at the overall total picture of everything offered from interior to performance I would take the Audi V10, that sound is unique too!

  4. McLaren all the way! Audi and Porsche are nice but the design is so much better on the McLaren imo. You often see Porsche or sometimes Audio R8 on the Road but when do you ever see a McLaren, it's just a different league

  5. Don’t even compare the interior of the audi to that of a pagani, the audi interior is so boring compared to it.

  6. Top Gear isn't nearly as good without the trio… the only top gear I am fine with is chris harris. Just my two cents

  7. Had to stop watching the video halfway through because I got sick of the audio shifting left, right, in and out and ALL OVER THE PLACE! 🙁 Ruined what otherwise would be a great video.


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