McLaren 600LT | Advanced Equipment

Jack Rix of Top Gear Magazine gives us a glimpse of McLaren’s 592bhp new, straight ‘Longtail’. Read more here: ….

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  1. Great car but I'd rather have the LIMITED SUPER Series 675LT with its active aero and hydraulic suspension

  2. Seems like parker from Vehicle Virgins watch this video before doing his video today cause he has all the same talking points in the same layout

  3. McLaren 675LT Spider is still the "daddy". SUPER series car with active aero and F1 hydraulic suspension and most importantly LIMITED to only 500 worldwide. A 1000 600LT is quite a lot for McLaren

  4. only if Jeremy was reviewing this, so what he punched someone, we all done it in our lives, fine him or something, that's why hollywood is hollywood, cuz they put up with stuff like this for $$$ and fame, that's what you need in the entertainment business

  5. These cars are incredible performers with technology that every car maker should be implementing. But? But their products are all half baked. AC failures, cruise control failures. Shouldn't these things be about perfect? And they all look alike. I don't care if their slower. I'd take used Huracan, used 458. They just work. I don't like guessing! Especially for a couple hundred grand!

  6. Allright, first and second. The flare's are absolutely awful and incredibly overkill. Now, the color grading… what… maybe you should let the intern get back to cleaning up 😛 this is horrible compared to what you present 90% of the time. Love the information, love Jack, but come on, you can do better than this. Ive seen you do it


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