McLaren 765LT v Porsche 911 Turbo S: DRAG RACE

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  1. The Porsche is SO GOOD, it takes a $550,000 super car, to beat it in the 1/4 mile by two tenth of a second….

  2. Porsche makes the worst sounding cars in supercar league, even without rev limiter. But the rest is absolutely top notch.

  3. Mat. Please do these drag races a great service by trying to include mph at finish line if at all possible. Maybe use your specialist timing gear even though it’s a race including reaction times as variables unless it’s a clear jump or a clear f*ckin mess off the line. But it would be nice to see what we call trap speeds and maybe even 1/8 mile speeds with mph. Dragy’s, which are what most people in the states use, include 0-60 and 1/8 mile time and trap speed. I’m sure your fancy European specialist timing gear does as well. It will give you slightly more to talk about and give people a better understanding which car is better where and for what. Maybe even make the rolling race start just below 100km an hour and instead of just “fastest to the 1/2 mile,” which again is subject to driver mod/driver error, we will actually know if you stomp it at 80-90km or roughly 50-55 and who gets to 200 or 124 mph quickest. Please consider my recommendations seriously. Your platform is huge and you’re doing much better for yourself than I am for myself and you’re essentially living a dream of mine on a daily basis. But please don’t scoff at the idea that including slightly more info, at the risk of your videos being slightly longer or having to rattle of information faster than you may like, the information is probably 3/4 of what we’re here for. The theater of the whole deal is great, typically very funny. Cheeky bastard. The editing is great. But anyway, hopefully somebody on your team sees the value or merit in what I’m suggesting. Take care bud. Viewing from all the way down in small town Cleveland, Tennessee. Love your content.

  4. Dont get me wrong pls. I love the 765 , really. Would be my number one sports car to buy if… you know why, but that Porsche is crazy. Just think about it, there is now RS sign on it. Wait until Porsche is dropping this mf. It will blow the 765. Remember , i love the McLaren. Greets from Germany .

  5. This is a fake race, all the motortrend and Carwow big time journalists get paid by different companies to make the races turn out how they want, if you want real races go to “can I be frank” YouTube channel

  6. Porsche has four wheel drive that's the only reason it got close to the mclaren's time take that away and even up the start and the gap is a lot more at the end

  7. Now that we know the Turbo S with the lightweight package can do it in 9.9, let’s see this one again 😀

  8. Here in SoCal a 911 S Turbo is for sale USED at Palm Springs Dealer for $294,000. What's up with this price Mat has in video?


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