Mercedes AMG G63 & Trailer vs Suzuki Jimny | Gravity Competition | Advanced Equipment

The 600hp G63 can easily overtake the Suzuki Jimny – but what if it pulls another one right away? Rory Reid puts it on ….

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  1. Let me look at it with a different perspective. 143k against 18k. Don’t be too quick to turn your nose up at this Suzuki. Never judge a book by its cover. Ect ect ect. Things to remember if it meant having a pretentious brush shoved up my back side. To own a Merc towing a jimny and trying to show off ones genital size remember this, the under dog your towing had a pedigree that matched it in climbing to over 6500 meters approx 21000 feet above sea level with a budget of less than £3000 Mercedes spent £1.5 pounds building a car todo the same thing. And has only just pushed it past the same altitude. Push comes to shove. Both cars. Keep your bum dry when it’s wet or in other words an umbrella on 4 wheels. One car I can take to any car park use one space and feel comfortable knowing if it got an accidental bump my insurance would cover it for a fraction of the cost. The other would take up the farthest reaches of the car park to stay safe and use the car on the trailer to get to the supermarket door at the end of the 3 mile car park. I personally would love to take up the test and drive the underdog half way round the world to prove it’s genetics against the fancy pedigree. So before you get a chance to wind your neck in a bit, put your snobby stuck up careered attitude back in the bag. I’ll stick to humility classic any day. After all it’s got nothing to prove.

  2. Sorry bad english
    100hp? Why? Most of 1L superbike has 200hp and 80++ lbft. Im not automotive enthusiast. That means if superbike engine installed on most "lower Power" cars, it will run faster?

  3. 本家ジムニーは軽四規格なので、このタイプがジムニーと呼ばれるのは、知ってるけど、違和感。


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