Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 2021 review – better than a BMW X5M?

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  1. Hey Carwow, I just got a BMW X7 M50I and I don’t really know a lot about it so can we please get a review of it) Thank you)

  2. as far as the 5 seat suv market goes i think mercedes has enough performance and beats the rivals with interior quality their mercedes benz infotainment system is the best on the road

  3. I "drive" these cars on a daily basis I work in a 5 star hotel in Austria and park the guests cars. BMW's Mercs Audi's all of them this gle Amg also. Sort of like Mat but only parking them yeah it sucks but still let me tell you it's just great being able to drive these cars. Especially the top specced models are amazing. Big brutes dough difficult to manuevre. Great luxurious things but nothing to die for really.

  4. I wonder if the race track in Warsaw, Poland is programed into this car?!?!?!?! 😉
    Great review, Nice SUV.

  5. Have it in GLE43 AMG COUPE with Renntech tune. Great vehicle. COUPE model looks better. Great review.

  6. Towbar: You need to open up the boot/trunk and there will be a button on the trunk/boot. Click it and the towbar will come out

  7. lol when its other cars either than German cars 44m stopping distance its terrible lol, check out the American Ford Bronco, or is it a size and weight thing?

  8. 1:25
    Mat and me: Why Merc still put fake exhausts on their cars after years of complaint?
    Merc: We sell a lot of cars in SOME COUNTRIES . Those people love fake exhausts, as much as they love to put socks in their pants.
    BMW: This is the same reason why the nose on our cars are getting bigger and bigger.

  9. Please dispel a myth – can you tow with the AMG version of the GLE? I’ve heard that you can’t, and yet I’ve heard you can but only if you spec it from the factory. Others say you can fit a towbar any time after delivery.

  10. The video title needs an s added to the GLE 63s. Because reading it now I'm think how can a standard GLE 63 be possibly better than an X5M


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