Mercedes – AMG GT v C63 vs S65 v A45 v GLE63 360 degree drag race | Passenger Rides

Jump into the C63 in our ultimate AMG Mercedes drag race! A few weeks ago we put six of Mercedes Benz’s best against one … .

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  1. Commenting on every carwow drag race video until Mat accepts my challenge to have me on the channel and drag race my E46 325ci drag car project. Comment number 10

  2. Baffles me how people whinge about 360 cameras. This is a great way to watch a drag race, you can actually see what is happening.

  3. The GT started late too. That's not traction control, the driver was asleep. You can't see the wheels move until after all the other cars started moving. And it still won… top marks!

  4. How can the A45 be that much faster than the C63 AMG!? Shows that power isn't everything. Great video Matt!


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