Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar | Advanced Equipment

Can you get a Formula One powertrain to work on the road without an explosion? Jack Rix of Top Gear Magazine is all around you ….

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  1. I don't think I have 2.5 million lying in the back of my sofa, but I think I can find that much in my spare change drawer. Let me quickly find it and get one AMG for my self.

    In my dreams

  2. amg one is a fail boring project, why would they put the most boring engine f1 ever had into a road car, doesnt it just make it extremely boring

  3. Gentleman Driver >>> Valtteri Bottas is worthy to receive Öne for helping his teammate & Mercedes winning so many Trophies in F1 >>>

  4. Just as the 918 is recognized to be the best of the tritity so will German superiority prove to deliver the best driving experience over the Valkyrie where you lay down like in a coffin.

  5. Lightning of render is on opposite direction (light from right) while person has light shining from left. Causing very bad effect.


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