Mercedes C-Class 2021 review – S-Class luxury for less!

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  1. 1:31 Mercedes Benz should now be ashamed of themselves. the iconic brand isn't what it used to stand for in the 70s, 80s and 1990s.

  2. How tall are all the people doing reviews on these vehicles… They make these tiny cars look huge…

  3. If the car didn't have those fake things and touch nonsense I'd get one this week. Just test drove the 3-series BMW and I have money to spend, but they simply don't have a good sound system (not in the 2nd-hand 2021-models in my country anyway).

    This car would've been a 10/10 without the fakery and touch screen nonsense. We want real things for this money, and we want BUTTONS!

  4. Nah ain’t feeling the interior way too much plastic. The interior on the other hand is better

  5. Well i don't carry cat in the car, so i don't have to be worry on the scratch part that you keep scratching. So overall, I think it is a fantastic car, 2nd hand value much higher than BMW.

  6. By the way the voice assistant didnt comprehend what you said because you were talking before giving the actual command…


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