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Finally, it is the electric bespoke of Mercedes. That’s what EQS is: all new. Not the S-Class powered by, but the S-Class’s superior size ….

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  1. It would have been nice to see the speedometer through out the drive. I am sure in the US you will not get that kind of range given how fast freeway speeds are. Drive from San Francisco to Downtown LA would really show what the car can handle.

  2. The biggest problem coming our way with this EV adoption is battery deterioration. These batteries as our phone batteries are going to deteriorate in 2-3 year and then we'll be left with a shell of a car needing thousands of euros worth of battery replacement, that is if manufacturers don't try to push us to buy a new vehicle instead. Welcome to the future.

  3. Too big too expensive another ridiculous ev made for rich folk as they want normal folk off roads doffing the cap using public transport which is crap

  4. If these things take hold in South Africa we will be on almost permanent black out, not to mention the anxiety of wondering if you have the range and if not will the power grid be on if you need to charge? Way to much stress.

  5. Are we supposed to believe that he drove all that time without needing the loo, stopped at a service station, where you put the car on charge, go and get a coffee, use the toilet. Go back out to the car, that is 20 mins of charging. But no, that wouldn't suit the narrative would it. No one can go more then 2 hours without needing to stop. And if you reply with, "I can go for 8 hours without stopping." No, no you can't

  6. Wait what? 6:30am start time and that much light? How long of an embargo did Mercedes put on this review? Sunrise here in Edinburgh is much later than 6:30am in the Fall and Winter.

  7. With the amount of information he gives out about electric cars it’s annoying he did mention that fact that the EQS is currently the largest battery in a production car

  8. A fun video which shows the silliness of even attempting this because,… What did they do in the middle of the day, by their own admission?

    Had lunch. Stopped for perhaps 40 minutes,….

    When the car could have been charging at a rapid. No change to the drive, no inconvenience.

    This is where we are with EVs today. Did 184 miles in my Zoe three days ago: stopped once on the way,… For lunch. Charged while munching. Got to my destination with range to spare.

    EVs can easily fit into most lifestyles now.

  9. Anyone else just skip to the end?
    Why the hell quit with displayed 2% remaining and 8 miles to go? It's Top Gear. This isn't ambitious, it's safe and boring.
    The car looks horrible, but my god is the video disappointing.

  10. If my 1964 S-class would not corrode if i would use it as a daily. I would never buy something like the EQS. What the hell is this screen? It looks so chines aftermarket, especially with this passenger wallpaper -ughhh

  11. ELCTRIC BULLSHIT Caron FOOT beacuse of this liIon battery BAD need hydrogen less battery xave technology – in this eat electricity and do Damage on;y after 150.000 Km start Plus but how much cost electric and MOSt come in Europe from COAL! and when you active AC and all electrons it's eat you Elecrticity and now you disbale AC. i will wait Hydrogen. TOP GEAR B… not interesting. Sorry have approval have NO WORLD CLIMATE PROBLEM ITS a PERIOD OF TIME – Change all 30-40 years


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