Mercedes GLC vs Range Rover Evoque vs BMW X3 SUV 2017 review | Head2Head

Watch our small premium SUV group test of the Range Rover Evoque, the Mercedes GLC and the BMW X3 and get Mat’s verdict… .

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  1. pretty sure the range rover blows a turbo everytime
    int terms of reliability, they're not that good

  2. The GLC and most non performance Mercedes in general are meant to remove stress from driving. I have a GTR for the crazy stuff, a convertible for the summer and a Mercedes for everything else. If I had one choice as a long daily driver it is difficult to fault the Mercedes approach.

  3. Had a BMW,boring car with no great sell on value,got an Q5 now,love it and it’s only lost £1k in 18 months on trade in.

  4. This review helped me. I was really torn between Evoque and GLC. This helped me solidify my observations and final decision. Thank you.

  5. My older brother bought this car 2 years ago But he did not realize that he bought the car at a higher price. Now he wants to sell it, but he is not getting a fair price for the car, which is why he is now at a loss.

  6. I bought the BMW X3, 20 D with sports package and I just love it, drives beautiful and sports seats super comfortable. I know you day the interior is outdated but I think it has classic style

  7. Hi Matt
    I get really annoyed by comments that most SUV drivers don’t go off-road. To me the reason for buying one is to drive through muddy fields and over ruts. I’d like to see how all these cars get on in these circumstances

  8. Range Rover Evoque must be compared with BMW X1 not BMW X3, cuz last one must be compared with Range Rover Velar

  9. My view of the Merc? In my best Python accent–"I'm not dead yet!" Yeh, give me the bimmer. I still have a pulse and still enjoy the act of driving. Test drove the Merc, and I nearly fell asleep.


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