Mercedes new Tesla beater – all you need to know about the EQC electric SUV | carwow

This is the all-new Mercedes EQC. It’s the first Mercedes all-electric SUV, and the first in a new line of all-electric cars that will fall … .

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  1. Hahaha suddenly thats it as soon as the germans started making electric tesla is like citroen. Now all tesla owners are like "oh God tesla is actually ugly and really basic" HA HA HA

  2. The taste and colors are not discussed, so it is normal to have differences of opinion, the most important for us is to be sure that Tesla, Mercedes, Audi and all electric SUVs will keep their promise in matters reliability, performance, durability and not paying a fortune for the acquisition and recharge of these.

  3. Fake exhaust look, fake grill, and less performance that their competitor whose SUV has been available since 2014? What exactly is Mercedes trying to pull here?

  4. The enemy is ICE vehicle, NOT Tesla… Fuck off with those "Tesla beater" and "Tesla killer" title.

    And with barely 220 miles of range, no Superchager network, no over the air updates, nothing even remotely close to autopilot and a subpar infotainment just to name a few, how it this thing supposed to even compete with Teslas, from 5 years ago??? LOL!


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