Mercedes R63 AMG and 500-Horsepower Minivan

SEE CARS AND BIDS Mercedes-Benz R63 AMG is a minivan … with a 500-horsepower V8. .

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  1. It’s NOT a minivan, It’s NOT an SUV, this is clearly a crossover and I don’t understand why Doug didn’t refer to it that way…

  2. There's something about the R-class that has always intrigued me, definitely the best looking minivan out there but the R63 is on another level no doubt. Love the rarity factor you usually get with older AMGs but this one is relatively modern.

  3. Owned the R320, loved it. Never EVER knew this existed! The R-Class hasn't been treated well by auto history but this AMG version surely redeems it — German road sofa & all!

  4. If they wanna put chaplains chairs in the 2nd row then they should've left a space in the middle to get to the 3rd row easier like most vans

  5. I am absolutely disgusted that you made me appreciate an R-class. I’ll be watching for one around Silicon Valley now.


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