Mercedes SLC 2018 POV | Test Drives

I’ve got my hands on Mercedes’ comfy SLC cabriolet, so I’m taking it out for a test drive – and you can see it from my point of view! .

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  1. 170 MPH and you could hear little noise from the outside and can hear the Matt talking in the cab with no troubles. I just love the RS6 cool & stealthy and just chuck the kids and dog in and just go.

  2. People complaining about the interior. This interior is the same as in the A class and GLA except from the screen which is better than having an ipad stuck to the console. Interior is getting updated in 2019 anyway. Stunning car just not worth £56,000.

  3. Matt, POV test drive was good, but would be better if you walked round the car POV first, so we could see the whole car too.

  4. Quality of this is much better than the 360 degree.

    A couple years ago, I had a Merc E350 AMG Cab courtesy car with the 9 speed auto and I hated it to be honest. Never seemed to know what gear to be in for day to day driving and ratios were way to close to have fun with the manual shift.


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