Mercedes X-Class vs Toyota Hilux vs Isuzu D-Max: Pickup TUG OF WAR!

This is not the time to ride a Tug of War… it’s time to ride two cars on the 1st Tug of War! In one corner is a Mercedes ….

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  1. The moment you brought the Hilux, that tag of war was over…. Watch how it pulls, no wheel spins no sweat!.

  2. Why use the 2.4 Hilux? If you use a 3L Navara you might as well put it up against the 2.8 Hilux??

    This makes no sence, and is a waste of time…

  3. If you’re gonna do these tests on street tyres, at least do them onroad. Of course it’s a stalemate.

  4. so basically the x class is a waste ? i was wondering why i cant see it no where on the mercedes configurator i thought they just stopped the car from production

  5. Isuzu D max fells like taking time to generate power in slope hills but made in india vehicles feels like cheap and worst compared to international models


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