Mini Cooper S in Goodwood | Chris Harris Manages | Advanced Equipment

It is 130bhp and weighs only 600kg, these small Minis are military items. This is what happened when Chris went to war ….

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  1. I saw a wonderful video on YouTube of Nick Swift racing a Mini against an Alfa GTA. Amazingly talented driver and gave that Alfa a run for its money! Best racing I've seen in a long time. Great content

  2. I love this video! Anytime I am actually in my garage, or if its an early morning right before I head to the track, I love watching this video as it puts me in good spirits. Thank you Chris and Top Gear for being a Legend

  3. When Chris Harris is just being his normal self like he is here, he is the best motor journo in the world. The version of himself we see on TG isn’t very authentic. His producer Neil Carey is the perfect match.

  4. This does remind me of the pick up l had in the late '70's . I bunged a 1300 out of a scrapper into it. With the smaller wheels it was a hoot ! Over took a friend on Shaldon bridge and he said he was doing 90! But overtaking a newish Triumph Stag up Telegraph Hill with an upright piano tied in the back and my wife holding our daughter in the passenger seat ! Something l will never forget ! Thanks Chris .


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