Mother Run CHALLENGE | Advanced Equipment – Part 1

The first step. With the number of small cars on the market, they test them better than Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. Clarkson and Mrs. May ….

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  1. “She’s been done for speeding twice, two more times than James may”

    That aged well. Was she also fined at 38 miles per hour

  2. Mrs Hammond : acts exactly the same as Richard
    Mrs clarkson : acts EXACTLY the same as Jeremy
    Mrs may: acts EXACTLY the opposite of James

  3. I'd do well in the settling in part. I usually don't have to change anything no matter who usually drives it. The only thing I have to change is the radio station which I usually just turn off.

  4. I appreciate that they got their actual mothers, any other show it would be a bunch of 20yr olds that are clearly actors.


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