Muscle Cars vs Cowboys | Pony Express Race | Top Gear USA

Tanner and Rutledge are heading west in the Mustangs to have a race against two horse riders from ….

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  1. Mustangs have always handled better than Camaros, Chargers, Challengers, and the other muscle cars, but have never been faster in a straight line. This is not news. Forever and ever, amen.

  2. This is a great show! I hope they named it something else so that it isn't overshadowed by the "Top Gear" of the 3 blokes from UK. Nevertheless I enjoyed this scene.

  3. Rut: "It's the speed limit, that means you need to go under"
    Me: Goes 20+ over a 30 mph speed limit daily

  4. Imagine loving a show so much that you will continue it so it doesn't have to stop and then getting hated by 1/4 of people because they sre mad for no reason. You guys are great

  5. And to just think if he'd gone at 27 instead of 22 in that 30 zone for just a few seconds, the car would have won

  6. Did he just say "pass the bag at full gallop" followed by "10mph" ..I can assure you as a horse rider they gallop much faster than 10mph. Depending on breed horses have been recorded at speeds for upto 55mph. It wasmore doing a "lope" which is the western pace known in classical riding as a canter.. though loping is slower than canter.

    Edit: that also wasn't a walk.. it was a "jog" which is the western name for a trot.. The 2nd fastest pace..

  7. I understand why most people don't like Top Gear USA. They're not as precise or as sophisticated as UK but, I still love both the same way, nonetheless.

  8. If those riders were on Arabians they only would have needed one horse and would have been there long before the mustang xD Arabians are endurance horses, they can run for literally for miiiiiiiles before getting tired. A Quarter horse was a very poor choice but I'm still glad they won in the end haha


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