My first German highway experience!

I am visiting the Mercedes-AMG headquarters in Alfalterbach, Germany, and I finally start using Germany as soon as possible…

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  1. Die Kunst ist erst das Einschätzen der eigenen Geschwindigkeit und der der anderen zu erlernen. Dann kann man schnell fahren. Nicht anders herum…

  2. Ffs that's why they want to change it to 130km/h because you guys come over here and drive like crazy at 1pm. So yes you may drive as fast as you want, but you also have to make sure that nobody gets at risk. Shame on you.


    Meanwhile the Enginge: am I a joke to you ?! Thats half of my Power ! Shut up and give me More fuel I want to have some fun.

  4. It's legal because it's chill and just relaxing and hopefully dont have slow ones on the left 😉 beste thing

  5. Her: gets mad that a slower moving car is in the left lane
    Her: Literally staying in the left lane the whole time

  6. My dad went with an Mercedes E class 2005 275 kph so I can say it can still keep up with the new generation pretty well

  7. When I go around 250 with my golf there is always someone who wants to piss me off and flashes lights at me like I would be captn slow

  8. The fact that I Drove like 75% of this speed in a Clio makes me laugh really hard… but wait for it the crazy german politicians will destroy our nice unlimited Autobahn … most likely will be 130km/h soon 🙁


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