New 1,100hp Karma SC2 EV – see why it’s way cooler than a Tesla Roadster!

This is the Karma SC2 all-electric concept supercar! And it’s full of big, exciting numbers! It’s got a 120kWh battery that gives the … .

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  1. Nothing can ever can get more cooler than a tesla roadster wich is in space and the first car to hit 1.9 seconds 0 tp 60

  2. This is quite possibly the most glorious electric car , tailor wise , tech wise and performance/longevity wise

  3. What rich person's wife needs to see an automatically generated film projection of the drive they just had as they snuggle in the garage? That's like something Homer Simpson would have put on his second generation vehicle in collaboration with his forgetful old coot of a father!

  4. It must be cooler than the Tesla roadster but the roadster is faster it has top speed of 250 mph

  5. Why amplify your voice to your passenger,it’s an electric car so not much sound except for road noise

  6. Sanskrit is such an elegant language. It's fine to use sanskrit word for your important brand. Example: Karma – Action, ayana (name of a luxury villas in Bali previously The Ritz Carlton) – moving/Travel, The Ahimsa (name of beach resort in Bali), – non injurious / non violence, Chandra (X-Ray Observatory) – Moon. Other example names: Padma (Lotus), Saras (Pond), Vega (Speed), etc.

  7. There is nothing cooler than Tesla Roadster… The roadster has power plus reliability and reasonable price than all its rivals and it looks no similar to anyone else

  8. This car definitely looks better than the roadster. I feel that the roadster has weird proportions and that this cars proportions are perfect however, I believe that the Roadster is the better deal here for price per pound

  9. That’s how I would have designed, equipped, and made any and every car from 2015 onwards had I the chance to be a car manufacturer!

  10. Nothing can be cooler than a Tesla Roadster because there isn't a Tesla Roadster… but when there is, watch out!

  11. Notice how nobody ever reviews Teslas at auto shows LOL. That's because there's never anything new to see

  12. Literally no one cares. Woo hoo goes in a collectors garage and never sees the road of track.
    How about you make something people will actually buy an use like it was designed for.

  13. 100% concept prototype vaporware at 5x the price for lower specs is your definition of "cool"?

  14. Finally got wise and dropped the gas motor. Too bad they couldn’t figure that out before the first bankruptcy. Better late than never.
    Looks like they are on the right path now.


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