New 2018 Ford Expedition takes on the World's Toughest Towing Test! ) New 2018 Ford Expedition takes on the World’s Toughest Towing Test! Is this the best SUV ever? ( ) …

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  1. Trailer weight of 7000 lbs they didn't state the tongue weight so assuming 15% 1050lbs another 600 lb for passengers, 85 lbs for the hitch and lets just say 100 lbs of cameras gear etc… That puts us at a cargo weight of 1835 lbs. I wonder what the cargo capacity is of this SUV?

  2. This is TOTAL bullshit… do your testing in the middle of the summer and watch it overheat!!! I have a 2016 and tow a 6000 pound boat. It gets hot no matter what. Overheats almost every time if temps are above 80-85 going up passes in Colorado.

  3. You could get about the same HP and torque number from the standard 3.5 EcoBoost with a tune, as you could with the 3.5 HO

  4. You didn't mention it but does the Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD) adaptive suspension work like a leveling suspension?

  5. I love my platinum. Ford really improves on the new expedition. I have an 18. We are buying a 32 ft travel trailer tomorrow. I think it will test the limits. We will see

  6. We bought a 2019 Expedition XLT Max to pull our travel trailer. It's AMAZING. The grade shifting is everything they said it was. The power is incredible. The transmission is bang on. Rear suspension is great – rides wonderfully, handles the trailer at 75 no problemo. Great Truck! Love it.

  7. Great review….it would be helpful to note the outdoor temperature during these reviews as the turbo horsepower and torque numbers improve rather dramatically at low temperature. Living in the southeast I'm wondering how it will climb our eastern mountains on 95 degree days? Mostly an oil temperature concern with two turbos cooking oil?

  8. I can watch TFL reviews over and over. Today I watched the Canadian review a riding mower, a riding mower and I watched like he was reviewing the next Gen F150, TFL is pretty much why I YouTube. Every presenter does an awesome Job. A Russian, a drag racer, a slick well dressed fancy fellow, a Cowboy, a smart young college man and a bearded Canadian walked into a bar and created the best show on YouTube ,,,,,,TFL baby!

  9. Question: using a sway bar system is smart on the SUV because of the independent rear suspension. But how would you use a sway bar system when towing a boat? The tongues on boat trailers are so long I’m not sure how you would do that. Any thoughts?

  10. amazing SUV……i would buy it in a heart beat….but my concern is the reliability…..anyone here that owns one? any update on reliability??


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