New Apple iCar… its body is a giant phone screen!

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  1. Only way any of these electric cars get to where they’re at now or where they’re going to b is cuz tesla opened all its patens

  2. you’re an idiot if you end up trusting APPLE to make you a reliable car. they literally used to and probably still do make their phone batteries die on purpose quicker than it should so you’ll spend more money. such a crap company- commented from iPhone

  3. The iCar is set for sale is 2023 starting at $40,000 which I’m considering getting one since the iCar itself looks are very promising.

  4. What a joke ! I cant see this being reliable or cost effective for the average family ! tesla still can not get their self driving to work without people dying after years of testing !

  5. Ngl but this should be a really good car considering how far ahead apple products can be if they try.

  6. I have a really mixed bag of emotions when it comes to patents. Firstly it's often the "How-to" that is important in an idea and not the raw concept. Secondly, if they just "shelf" the concept/idea and not do anything with it it actually harms the industry, because some other manufacturer might have an implementation in mind, but they cannot do it cause "Apple" has just "cleverly" patented their shit for 5-10 years. I've heard about cases where someone's hands were severely tied by someone patenting an idea that they didn't even intend to do anything with… so the "progress" was halted/stopped for a long duration… I think this is a lot more common-place in hi-tec industries than we might be aware of.

  7. Someone dings it in the Tesco car park: cracked screen, requires Apple authorised replacement: £10k

  8. If price aren't reasonable then it Apple will start to lose its luxury status icon
    Bcoz the same person who owns an iPhone for status will not be able to own an Apple car

  9. I don't think all of these patents would become features of the Apple car, but it does help to imagine what they are trying to go for.

  10. Guaranteed to be built in China like Tesla and all the great US products. What’s with the deal with the USA hating on China. They love them, really. ❤️


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