New Aston Martin DBX SUV 2020 – full outdoor and indoor lighting … and DOG TEST!

Coronavirus: Click here for instructions on buying car during the epidemic – Introducing the first-ever ….

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  1. I hate SUVs they think they own the road just like range rovers and when they park they like to park where they stop and don't bother straitening up so they are invading your parking bay and bash your car doors when they open them because there not bothered about your little car and that's why you get dents high up on your car and it makes it hard to see when reversing out of a parking bay when you have one of these buses parked next to you and if they have a baby seat in the back your guaranteed to get dents in your car .

  2. Sacrilege – as Harris said “every wealthy tasteless person's going to want one, and there's a lot of those about."


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