New Audi A1 – the most luxurious small car ever? | Top 10s

This is the all-new Audi A1. It may be the smallest model in Audi’s range, but don’t let the size deceive you. The cabin is packed … .

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  1. Why don’t the A1 in Australia have that nice yellow touch of interior? The ones I saw looked boring and dull as f, didn’t feel premium at all

  2. audi<hyundai .Hyundai destroyed every single auto manufacturer ,they provide same performance for thousands of dollars less and still make profit as a company,audi and bmw are filthy needy money monkeys.Mercedes is less even though they sell expensive and are one of the worst companies in reliability.Hyundai is your father accept it

  3. UGLY as well now on! it depends on how a new buyer will respon to this BMW supera ! It ain’t SUPRA ! all manufactures this days build plastic cars n complexity with it for monet pit!

  4. Can't look at any new cars without seeing comments like "looks like a Skoda" "lol hyundai lookalike" "kia this" "polo that". Fucking hell. We can all agree that we don't like fake shit. Like fake exhaust tips, fake vents and these things but of course you're going to see some similarities from cars in the same segment.

  5. Yea looking forward to some driven reviews. I currently have a VW Polo SEL 115 on an 18 plate.  It has digi dash, heated seats, DSG gear box, assist park, etc etc. just because you have a smaller car does not mean you don't have the cash for a much larger car, I just don't like big cars. there are only two of us and this POLO AUDI size car gives me all the room I need. At last with these two cars I can now spec them up.its not all about what you can afford here, for me its about the parking room I have in the city I live in and getting the car around the city, I want all the things a larger car has, I just want it in a reasonably compact package. the fiat 500 is too small, the POLO and now this new Audi are just the right size for my needs.

  6. I was torn apart between Polo GTI and Fiesta ST but then I remembered that there will be new S1 in 2019. Cant, fucking, wait.

  7. This car is another excuse for Audi to charge silly money for a fancy badge and a ton of gadgets that you don't need. For now, I have a basic car with a basic interior, its fun to drive and it does just fine AND it doesn't cost silly money. I don't need apple carplay or bluetooth or sat nav or cruise or lane depart assist or anything else that the car makers INSIST you have ! The mugs will be lining up at the dealers to sign up to a 4 year PCP deal, throw your money away why dont you. If you cant afford to pay cash or Hire Purchase payments then you cant afford it ! What happens at the end of your lease deal ? Oh yes, that big nasty balloon payment, yes, its still there and needs paying and nobody ever pays it, so you have to trade it in (for yet another PCP deal) or hand it back, and lose every penny you paid over the last 48 months. All that, just to live up to a certain image. Fools. I will be buying a property instead with the money I save, and THEN I will get a car I really want. We live in a must have society, I want this I want that, all getting into debt for it, the world has gone mad.

  8. Face looks absolutely terrible it’s like someone shitted on the face of this car shocking compared to the out going model !

  9. cuz fuck diesel… thats why! stinks, pure contamination. no wonder all europeans think oil is responsible for climate change


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