NEW Audi e-tron GT – is this EV a Tesla Model S beater?

This is the all-new Audi e-tron GT concept. It’s the second model to be revealed in Audi’s all-electric e-tron sub-brand, and it’s … .

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  1. E-tron GT & taycan are the best looking electric cars in the whole world definitely. & if I had to choose between those two am definitely going with the e-tron GT baby.

  2. Even though it's not as fast as the Porsche Taycan, I really like the e-tron GT, especially its styling and interior.

  3. For an daily driver – My number one AUDI – Second Place Tesla – Porsche Taycan – Jaguar – Audi has the best design close with the Porsch Taycan however looking at the price the Audi gives you best for your money.

  4. Looks great and for me the Tesla is dead. The Tesla looks like a old Jaguar XE and not in a good way. When will they refresh the design?

  5. Who told car manufacturers that we want the electric cars to look like an OZN. Keep it simple like Tesla and Audi


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