New Bentley Continental GT Convertible 2019 – see why it is worth £ 175,000

This is the new Bentley Continental GT Convertible! Coming with an initial price of £ 175k, the new Continental GT is ….

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  1. bugatti

    two vr6 engines with 4 turbos

    gets schooled by v8 with two turbos and an electric motor

    life is so much amazing

  2. I will get one fully customised with all the trimmings. It will probably take me 10 lifetimes to afford it. Oh well, at least I can afford it in my dreams.

  3. Continental GT Convertible v Dawn v Portofino v S63 AMG Convertible? Which one? 
    ALL OF THEM plus the Maserati GranCabrio please! I've driven coupe or previous convertible versions of all 5 and I couldn't choose, I'd want them all.

  4. Absolutely stunning! The hardtop is a wonderful car inside and out and this must now be the most desirable convertible on the planet.

  5. I honestly feel that THIS ' ( in the coupe version ) is the' car that James Bond ' should drive Errr… does it come in Bullet & Bomb proof as an option ?


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