New BMW 8 Series Coupé 2019 revealed – is it a Porsche 911 killer? | Top 10s

This is the all-new BMW 8 Series. Have you ever wondered what you’ll get when you cross a luxury limousine with a sports car? .

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  1. 2:25 – It looks like Mat got this one wrong, guys! He was meant to say '3-litre in-line six engine'… This will be the last time we allow him to record his voiceovers after midnight!

  2. Another pointless car. Size of a bus yet no space inside. Hyper expensive yet no faster or better to drive than something half the price. 8 series died for a reason. I'd rather buy a used 6 series Gran Coupe and save the cash.

  3. So i went to the dealer for me to get this thing right away but then i realized lol im poor. then went home and continue fantasizing..

  4. The roofline and rake of the rear window look very Mustang-ish. Is this what Ford should have aspired to? I know there's a massive difference between the cars, but that design element seems so close….

  5. I own an e46 M3 so I'm definetly a BMW fan, but I gotta say from some angles it looks really awkward and from the front it looks like it has a thyroid problem and is/or top heavy……… meh

  6. Porsche 911 killer? No.
    But absolutely brilliant car? Yes.
    Coolest BMW in recent years? Yes
    Would I buy this over the Porsche? Absolutely.


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